Standing with our Kids & Community

“With the support of the community, my goal is to create a San Juan Unified School District that
builds trust with parents, teachers, and community partners by making each stakeholder a part
of the decision-making process.”

About Me

Tanya is a mom of four kids and a proud alumna of San Juan Unified schools.


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I Believe In…

Parental Rights

Parents and caregivers have legal, guaranteed rights to school and student involvement and should be fully aware of them. I speak with parents who feel administration is stacked against them and there isn’t a clear path towards problem-solving or understanding uniform complaint procedures.  

Community Safety 

Call for a comprehensive site-by-site review of school safety plans to ensure our students are protected in school and in our neighborhoods.

Equipping Teachers

The pandemic was tough on parents and students, and we must all recognize it was tough on teachers as well.

All Students Should Be Supported

Ensure students with disabilities can receive a fulfilling, world-class education in the least restrictive environment. 

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